What customers are saying about David G. Harrison

My meeting with David Harrison was definitely time well spent. I came away with a solid action plan and a clear understanding of how to jump start my sales activity and meet some realistic goals. I shared with him that I was unfocused and a little overwhelmed on where exactly I should be putting my efforts to expand my commercial photography business. After asking several questions and taking time to really understand my business he brought everything back to specific productive activities with a set of financial goals to look forward to

Greg Specht

Owner, Gregory Dean Photography

David has been working with me as my Business Coach for approximately 8 months. From the first time I spoke with David, I felt his sincerity in wanting to help me grow my business. He provided influential information that helped me form a solid foundation from which I have built a successful business. From website design to developing my client base, David has been there to guide me. The health and fitness industry can be a competitive field; David helped me realize that with my unique services and passion to help others, I am only in competition with myself! David continues to encourage and motivate me as my vision evolves, while implementing new concepts to attract new clients. Following David’s goal setting and marketing strategies, he has helped me realize the true value of my time and the services I provide. Thank you, David for your continuous support, you are truly a blessing.

Zandra Lee

Owner, Zandra's Fitness

David was very helpful in talking through some specific roadblocks that I had in my sales process and helped me identify some possible new opportunities for my business as well. He is a wealth of knowledge on sales processes and training. Thanks David.

Tim Fahndrich

Co-Owner, Third River Marketing

David Harrison partners with his clients, creating a collaborative relationship. With his knowledge and insight and your commitment and efforts, you will increase your business, close sales, and learn ways to improve every aspect of your business from customer service to marketing strategies. David is easy to work with and genuinely cares about you as a person and helping your business succeed. Everyone needs a business coach, and I highly recommend you give David a call!

Jason Lewis

Owner, Lewis Media Group

David Harrison has helped me to envision a clear path to achieving my goals of business success and financial rewards.  He has provided concrete, step-by-step instructions for how I can increase my revenue and make a better impression on my clients and prospects. I highly recommend David’s services and insights to any business owner who wants to improve their business results.

Jesse Smith

MBA and Owner of Mardesco

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