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With an extensive background in sales and marketing, I have learned the value of smart business.

I have made it my personal mission to help small business owners work smarter, not harder. How? By intentionally building relationships, streamlining processes, and simply asking customers for reviews.

In the last decade, over 95% of my clients have successfully transformed their businesses to generate the income they always desired.

Whether you run a non-profit or manufacturing company, the tools you need to get to the next level are within reach. Start today by downloading my FREE Guide on 10 Things Impacting Your Bottom Line.



What customers are saying about David G. Harrison

My meeting with David Harrison was definitely time well spent. I came away with a solid action plan and a clear understanding of how to jump start my sales activity and meet some realistic goals. I shared with him that I was unfocused and a little overwhelmed on where exactly I should be putting my efforts to expand my commercial photography business. After asking several questions and taking time to really understand my business he brought everything back to specific productive activities with a set of financial goals to look forward to

Greg Specht

Owner, Gregory Dean Photography

David Harrison partners with his clients, creating a collaborative relationship. With his knowledge and insight and your commitment and efforts, you will increase your business, close sales, and learn ways to improve every aspect of your business from customer service to marketing strategies. David is easy to work with and genuinely cares about you as a person and helping your business succeed. Everyone needs a business coach, and I highly recommend you give David a call!

Jason Lewis

Owner, Lewis Media Group

I have worked with other coaches before like Craig Proctor and Joe Stumpf and have not found the level of care and attention David gives to me personally.  He spends as much time as I need explaining how his system works and what I need to know to get the best results possible. He genuinely cares about me and my success as a Real Estate Broker. His marketing systems have proven to exceed my goals of 3 new listings a month to 6 new listings a month! 

Elissa Vaught

Broker/Owner, TVT Real Estate

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