About David G Harrison

At the age of 10 I caught the entrepreneurial bug when I opened my first fruit and lemonade stand in front of my house and made almost a hundred bucks in a single weekend. After high school and through my young adult life I started and ran several successful businesses from the ground up and sold them all for a nice profit.

During the economic crash of 2007 I closed my residential lending business and switched to helping struggling business owners by providing them with the tools, information and business acumen they desperately needed to succeed and grow even during tough economic times.

Since 2007 I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners reach their ultimate business, income and lifestyle success faster and easier by helping them realize and overcome all the challenges, limitations and barriers that were blocking them from succeeding.

Because I absolutely love what I do and the immediate and sustainable results my clients receive I also provide lots of free help to struggling business owners and non-profit organizations who can’t afford my services.

David Harrison Business Portrait - Proven Sales Solutions